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From [ profile] kalligeneia:

Give me a pairing or character(s) from any fandom you know I'm familiar with, and I'll write you a few lines about them AT HOGWARTS!

Giant space robots will be properly humanized. :P I might be slow to answer, but I will, I promise.
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Dear certain sectors of the Harry Potter fandom:

The Harry Potter books are a coming of age story.

Reading a coming of age story and complaining because children/teenagers solve problems instead of adults is like watching an action movie and complaining because the hero solves problems instead of letting professionals do it according to protocol.

No love,

Also, flist, remind me to write a huge Why I Love Albus Dumbledore post one of these days.

(Next on "people who make Laurus rant": fans who complain because an '80s cartoon made to sell toys feels like an '80s cartoon made to sell toys.)

tl;dr I tend to be a Doylist and that makes my life so much happier.
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Day 11: Character you’d become best friends with

This was pretty difficult, in fact )

Unrelated ETA: I've mentioned before that I love Gunnerkrig Court. There are many, many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the setting itself, with the whole magic-and-science thing going on.

So far, because of the characters it's been focused on, "science" seemed to mean technology/robotics/etc. But it turns out there is also this.

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You know, I'm curious about something.

Am I the only one who thinks that Dumbledore and Elphias Doge had a relationship when they were young, but then Elphias moved on and lived his own life? And that the reason why he acts like that in DH is because he's very old, one of his best friends died recently, everyone's reading Rita Skeeter's awful book, and he was under attack from Aunt Muriel?

I mean, the guy is Special Advisor to the Wizengamot and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. That doesn't sound like someone who's had a life of constant whining to me. But most of the fandom seems to think that it went like this: "Oh no! I broke up with my high school boyfriend at 18! I WILL NOW DEVOTE THE REST OF MY LIFE TO ACT LIKE SMITHERS!"

Seriously, people. Elphias =/= Smithers.

That should be a banner or something.
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There's something that I've been thinking about since DH came out, and that's people immediately assuming Grindelwald was German. Obvious parallels aside... you do realize that Germany as we know it didn't exist in the 1880s, right? So he's either from the German Empire (the one with Bismarck) or the Austro-Hungarian Empire (the one with Sissi movies Strauss II the Habsburgs).

Now, while Grindelwald definitely sounds German (I think I read somewhere that she got it from a map?), Gellert... not so much. And Google tells me that the name is - guess what - Hungarian. Means "powerful soldier", by the way. And, yes, I'm double-checking with different sites.

Now I sort of want an excuse to call him Austro-Hungarian somewhere and see if people go "nonono he was GERMAN!!!" (I wouldn't object to people writing him as someone from the German Empire, mind you. I just object to people assuming countries haven't changed since the 1880s.)

In a sort of related note, I have this pet theory about Durmstrang being relatively new and founded during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, or maybe a bit earlier, during the Austrian Empire. It makes sense because of the name (Sturm und Drang, an artistic movement that didn't happen until the late 1700s) and the presence of students from several nationalities, including Slavic countries. (It still doesn't explain Bulgaria, though. Sorry, Viktor.)

So, my conclusions about this, in short:

1) I'm the nerdiest nerd in Ravenclaw.
2) One would think someone who likes the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its history wouldn't go out of her way to associate it with the Dark Arts. o.O
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Yes, I know I should be writing instead of reading Harry Potter forums. I guess I deserved the headache, although I didn't think I'd find many reasons to headdesk in a sane place like the Sugar Quill. But the way HP fandom treats villains creeps me out.

Spoilers for Deathly Hallows, you guessed it )

ETA: I remembered I'd promised I'd keep meta-ish posts public. Oops. It's unlocked now.
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The full version of the cover for TRC volume 20 is gorgeous. It also has CCS!Clow's sun staff, as opposed to the moon staff he had on an older splash page. I... I think I'll turn off my brain and hope for the best.

Please don't be the same guy. Please.

* * *

Anyway. Drabbles.

1. For [ profile] helga_b: Luna and a car. Completely spoiler-free.

and Ginny, just because )

* * *

2. For [ profile] arcadia_: Merlin, Clow and Yuuko. There was also supposed to be a willow tree but it didn't make it there. D:

Disney!Merlin this time )
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In order of inspiration. :D And unlike last time, these ones actually are 100 words!

1. [ profile] darkcountess wanted Lucius/someone who isn't Narcissa, but I can't break them up so I wrote about Lucius in his schooldays before he was with her. :P Hope it counts. No spoilers for DH:

Yeah, it's the other evil Black sister )

* * *

2. A Princess Tutu drabble for [ profile] helga_b. I probably shouldn't enjoy writing about this guy so much. ^_^U Anyway, Drosselmeyer and music:


* * *

3. The less insane of [ profile] arcadia_'s prompts, because the others need more thoughts... Watanuki, Rika and tanabata:

Now I notice I've never even mentioned her name )
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Again, both are spoilery and over 100 words. I wonder what happened to my drabble-writing ability. :/

For [ profile] mon_starling, Draco:

spoilers, blah blah )

* * *

For [ profile] allira_dream, Neville/Luna:

do I have to say it again? )
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Two thingies I wrote for the drabble meme (that's still open for requests, by the way). They're both Dumbledore-centric, both over 100 words because I got carried away, and they both have SPOILERS for Deathly Hallows.

First the serious one for [profile] mon_starling:

* * *

And to compensate, a silly Discworld crossover for [profile] fujurpreux:

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Clarín ya publicó un artículo sobre los audiolibros de Deathly Hallows. No sé si tiene spoilers (obviamente no me puse a leerlo) pero les recuerdo que éste es el diario que en el ranking de libros más vendidos describía a PoA como "una rata inofensiva resulta ser un peligroso hechicero" y que spoileó a los cuatro vientos el final de GoF el día que salió la edición en inglés.

Así que a evitar la sección de Sociedad, gente. D:

*ya se está poniendo nerviosa*
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From [ profile] cygna_hime:

1. List up to 20 characters that you like to write. (Original characters are welcome)
2. Ask your friends to comment to this post with questions directed to the listed characters.
3. Reply to your friends' questions in character inside your own "head canon."

1. Remus Lupin
2. Sirius Black
3. Hermione Granger
4. Luna Lovegood
5. Minerva McGonagall
6. Neville Longbottom
7. Albus Dumbledore
8. Clow Reed
9. Kero
10. Spinel Sun
11. Touya Kinomoto
12. Fujitaka Kinomoto
13. Yuuko Ichihara
14. Kimihiro Watanuki

I couldn't think of 20 I'm comfortable enough writing, but oh well.

Fair warnings: Spinel can be manga canon or [ profile] ccs_halfmagic, your choice. All the other CLAMP characters are in their manga versions. Albus and Clow think they're in the same canon. ;P
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(This post was written with Harry Potter and Card Captor Sakura in mind, but it works for any fandom with magic in it.)

 The promised meta post! )


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