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The Great TFA Rewatch

Technically, I have a Very Organized List of things I should be watching. But I couldn't resist. So, the pilot!

(For the record: these posts will be full of ramblings about the show as a whole, so if you haven't seen it and still care about spoilers, read under your own risk.)

I think I've mentioned before that TFA is still my favourite of the Transformers continuities I've watched. I have such a ridiculous amount of love for this show, and it keeps growing every time I rewatch. Even if they should've got a fourth season and they had to change/rush stuff, now it's really obvious from the pilot that they had the whole thing planned out.

And sure, the pilot might seem kind of generic compared to the rest of the series, but you know what? It has some of the best establishing character moments I've ever seen. In a little over ten minutes, they introduce twelve different characters and they do it really, really well. Also, in retrospect, the character development some of these guys get is wonderful. Optimus is such an insecure rookie, and Ratchet hates the universe (and the history vids, of course he hates the history vids, I love this show), and Prowl... ahahaha Prowl is such a jerk. His character development is one of my favourite things about TFA in general.

Anyway, not much to say about just the first three eps, so have some random stuff:

→ Sumdac is a really, really fascinating character and he needs more love, dammit. Why doesn't fandom cater to my needs. =( Also, I had forgotten that they were working on techno-organic stuff when we first see Sari. I wonder if it was just foreshadowing or if they had more stuff planned that we didn't get to see...

→ Everyone is hilarious in this show. Everyone. But I have to point out how much I love Starscream and his non-existant sense of timing. WHY OF COURSE I CAN FIT A TEN MINUTE SPEECH HERE, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG~

→ The fact that Optimus doesn't make it past the pilot without dying will never stop being hilarious.

→ Not hilarious: Prowl's lines about it. "He went saving the All Spark. That's what matters." OH DAMMIT SHOW you had it all planned out.

→ CLASH OF THE TITANS! This show is the geekiest. I mean, this came out three years before the remake, so...

→ I still think this one should be called Transformers: Friendship is Magic.

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