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Meme answers!

First, the list, planned in advance and randomized through because I can:

1. Iroh (Avatar: the Last Airbender)
2. Gaius (BBC Merlin)
3. Mei Chan (Fullmetal Alchemist)
4. Alex Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)
5. Katara (Avatar: the Last Airbender)
6. Prowl (Transformers: Animated)
7. Ema Skye (Ace Attorney)
8. Amy Pond (Doctor Who)
9. Starscream (Transformers G1)
10. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
11. Skyfire (Transformers G1)
12. Gwen (BBC Merlin)
13. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
14. Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
15. Optimus Prime (Transformers: Animated)

Three [Mei], Six [Prowl] and Nine [Starscream] have a sleepover, how would that go?
It's not Prowl's first sleepover, so at least he's slightly prepared. He doesn't really do much, but he's got endless patience so he doesn't mind Mei's questions. Mei has a lot of fun, of course. SLEEPOVER WITH GIANT ROBOTS! Starscream rants and complains and keeps saying he doesn't want to be there, but stays anyway just to make everyone else as annoyed as he is. (Xiao Mei attacks him every five minutes or so.)
Then they fight about what to watch until they find something nerdy enough that they all get distracted =D

Ten [Luna] takes Two [Gaius] to a Con! What's it about?
A general fantasy con, I think. So they can learn a lot about how magic works in other fandoms universes! And they don't even have to try to blend in or anything, it just comes naturally. =D Well. As much as Luna can blend in anywhere, that is.

Fourteen [Al] wants to ask Eight [Amy] on a date and he asks One [Iroh] for help.
... ahaha, this could actually work. XD
Al likes Amy's sense of wonder, but he has no idea of how to get her attention! So he goes talk to Iroh, who gives him the simple advice of "be yourself, smile a lot, try not to get to nervous". AMAZINGLY, it works. Or, well, it would have worked if Amy didn't already have a boyfriend. And if Al wasn't fourteen. |D

Thirteen [Donna] and One [Iroh] go shopping for a present because it's Five's [Katara's] birthday. What do they get and how does the shopping trip go?
Best shopping trip ever. They get Katara a nice comfy outfit that she can use for training. But before that, they walk around a lot, laugh even more, flirt shamelessly, buy plenty of useless stuff, and then Iroh invites Donna for tea because he can.

Seven [Ema] gets a superpower! It's an useful one for his/her daily life, but not the one they'd like to get. What is it?
Of course Ema didn't get the one she wanted. Oh, Ema. |D
Anyway, she wanted x-ray vision, which would be pretty useful for a scientist. And for someone who works with Klavier. She gets invisibility instead, which is pretty useful for a detective and for someone who likes to give Apollo heart attacks.

What's the least likely character to remain silent during a movie?
It's a tie! Starscream is the one who keeps whining about how the heroes are corny goody-goodies, the villains have stupid plans and physics don't work that way (because apparently he's never seen his own canon). Donna is the one who goes "OI, SHUT UP, TINHEAD" and throws popcorn at him.

Two [Gaius] and Ten [Luna] go to the zoo. Tell me about it.
Gaius spends the whole time giving Luna a zoology lesson, but she doesn't mind because he's good at making it intereseting. Once in a while she interrupts with trivia about creatures so rare that even Gaius himself has never heard about (but he can't be quite sure that they're not real because, well, he's seen so much already...). Then Luna decides that zoos are kind of sad and sets all the animals free. Right there. It's... interesting.

Write a drabble in which Five [Katara] and Nine [Starscream] are trapped on an ice planet. (... ouch D: Also I kind of. want to turn this into an actual fic now SOMEONE STOP MY BRAIN PLEASE)

A moment earlier, Katara wouldn't have thought it possible, but that ridiculous mechanic... thing looked even moodier. Which, she supposed, probably made him a person instead of just a machine. But she didn't care, right now. She wasn't in the mood to spare the feelings of the idiot who had attacked her and caused them to be here in the first place. Besides, his constant whining wasn't helping.

"Oh, come on. What kind of bad joke is this?"

"Don't be a baby," Katara snapped, looking up and up and up. "It's not that bad! We get harsher weather at home."

"Well lucky you," he said. "Now get lost before I step on you."

"I'm not going anywhere! You brought me here, now you're going to take me home!"

"Newsflash, squishy. You can't go home. Not without a space bridge. And you can't build one, which means you're of no use to me, and I have no reason to keep you around. Or alive."

"Wrong," Katara said, and allowed herself a smug smile. "I'm useful."

And, with a wave of her arms that she tried to make look as casual as possible, she raised a large platform of ice right below her until she was on eye level with him. He looked genuinely surprised for a fleeting second; then his expression changed into something she couldn't read.

"... well. You're late," he said, and started to walk away.

If Four [Armstrong] and One [Iroh] were getting a divorce, who would get custody of their cat? Write a drabble about it.


"That may be so, but I'm the one who takes care of him. I take him to the teashop with me everyday!"

"Ah, but it's not a lack of care that separates me from this poor creature! It's impossible for me to take him to my work! That is all!"

"Well, then that settles it, don't you think? The poor thing can't stay home alone all day."

"............................. can I visit?"

"As much as you'd like."

4 [Armstrong], 5 [Katara] y 6 [Prowl] deciden ABRIR UN HOST CLUB =DDD (Armstrong, Katara and Prowl decide to OPEN A HOST CLUB)
IT WAS TOTALLY ARMSTRONG'S IDEA. His sparkles must be shared with the world! He... freaks people out at first, a bit, bue he's so adorable that soon enough everyone loves him. Katara absolutely refuses to get weird clothes, but she does think it's important to chat with people and lend an ear to those who need it. Prowl was dragged there and he really, really doesn't want to be there, which of course means he has 1937901491834 fangirls. Oh Prowl, if you could see your fandom...

12 [Gwen] y 9 [Starscream] se pelean epica y melodramaticamente por el amor de 10 [Luna] (Gwen and Starscream have an epic and melodramatic fight for Luna's love)
... well, that's. interesting. XD Not that Screamer is that big on ~love~ but... Luna's an explorer naturalist? Dunno, I got nothing. Anyway, he MOST DEFINITELY can do the epic and melodramatic part! So can Gwen, of course, her whole romance subplot is as epic and melodramatic as it gets. In the end, Luna says that it's all quite fun to watch, but Gwen is obviously under the effect of a love potion because it's clear that her True Love is someone else, and Starscream is evil so thanks but no thanks. (Oddly enough, she doesn't seem to have a problem with the Giant Space Robot part.) Gwen was winning the fight, BTW. Of course.

Las reacciones de 3 [Mei] y 1 [Iroh] cuando 15 [Optimus] decide leerles la fortuna. (Mei's and Iroh's reactions when Optimus decides to read their fortunes)
I guess Optimus is really open-minded about trying human traditions. XD Iroh doesn't really believe in that sort of thing, but he doesn't mind letting him try (and seeing him confused is amusing). Mei is not so good at stiffling the giggles. Optimus is the one who ends up weirded out the most, really. This doesn't seem to be a reliable kind of study...

Six [Prowl], Fifteen [Optimus], and Eleven [Skyfire] form a team of superheroes. What are their superpowers, and how does their stint as crime-fighters go?
You know, different continuities aside, they kind of already are. Super agility and super strength and all. XD But still! The characters are a good match, they complement each other. You can never go wrong with a Noble Leader, a Stoic Warrior and a Gentle Giant. And it actually goes pretty well!
Although it's waaay to easy to see Prowl and Skyfire getting distracted by the ~FASCINATING BIRDS~ or something and Optimus all "... uhhh, guys, bad guys over there? Remember?"

PIRATE AU. Two [Gaius], Eight [Amy], Five [Katara], Four [Armstrong], Twelve [Gwen], and Fourteen [Al] are part of the crew of a pirate ship. Who's the captain? Who's the first mate? Navigator? Quartermaster? Basically, what jobs do they all do? Which one of them make the best pirates? Who do they target? Who's secretly (or not-so-secretly) planning a mutiny?
CAPTAIN ALEX LOUIS ARMSTRONG, BEST PIRATE EVER! OMG, this would be amazing. *_______* Gwen is the first mate because she's reliable like that. Al is the navigator! Gaius is, of course, the physician. Katara is at the helm; waterbending helps. And Amy is the cabin girl who got in the crew to see the world.
... they're the very definition of "pirates who don't do anything", though, because they're all so nice. They sail all over the world and help random people they find along the way! And of course there are no mutinies in Captain Armstrong's ship. HE'S THE BEST EVER.
And, yes, Amy is the most pirate-y of them all. =D

One [Iroh] and Ten [Luna] are stuck babysitting a five-year-old for a day. Who's the better babysitter?
Iroh! He's great with kids. He'd be very responsible and make sure nothing goes wrong, and at the same time the kid would have tons of fun with him. Luna is awesome but I'm not sure I'd trust her with a five year old. XD

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Hahaha! I like the one about the pirates. And yay, Veggie Tales reference!

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Actually, I must confess I only know about that reference from TV Tropes. XD We never got Veggie Tales here.

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TV Tropes is fun, too. :P

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I'd read a longer fic with Katara and Starscream :D :D :D /ENABLES

The one about Iroh and Armstrong's divorce killed me x'3

And, Ema, dear, stop trying to give Polly heart attacks D':

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IT'S ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MEMES even if it always gives me bunnies.

Ah, but you'd have to watch a few choice G1 episodes to fully get it~ /ENABLES BACK

... it made me sad that they were divorcing. |D I'm such a dork.

But he makes the best faces! D=

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i adore katara at starscream stuck together!! do continue my dear :D

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I have a ridiculously long To Write list but... yes, it's tempting |D

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Iroh and Donna team up would be terrifying in an epically awesome kind of way. And the idea of a Prowl/Optimus/Skyfire team is ridiculously charming for some reason.

Chiming in with a vote for the Katara & Starscream one ^.^

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They're a Power Trio! That always works. =D

BUT BUT BUT it would be so depressing. She'd spend the whole fic trying to help him become a better person and... yeah, not gonna work.