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Laurus Nobilis ([personal profile] laurus_nobilis) wrote2013-01-22 07:50 pm

And then I watched the ending of Fringe

Short version? I really, really liked it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know the series had flaws. Season 5 felt rushed and, to be honest, I think it wasn't as good as the first four... but not-as-good Fringe is still better than most TV out there, heh. So I did enjoy season 5 as a whole - and I loved the ending.

I'll admit that I was kind of worried the closer we got to the last couple of episodes, because the show kept being good so a bad last minute plot twist would have been awful. But it wasn't the case at all! =) I've been saying it since I watched season 2: the twists in Fringe are the kind that makes you go "oooh, OF COURSE!" instead of "... what did they smoke".

Anyway. More to the point.

I think the ending made sense not only in terms of plot, but also character development and themes. And that's always been my favorite part of Fringe. It went on for five seasons, a lot of things changed, but it always remained consistent in its themes. In the end, it's about hope and love and family, cheesy as that sounds. But it's also about putting the world before your own selfish needs, and about how "I did it for love" doesn't mean it won't have any consequences, and about redemption.

I love Walter. Can you tell? =P

I think he got the perfect ending. Walter couldn't end up like nothing had happened. Actually, I was pretty sure he was going to die. So this? Getting a chance to do some fixing? I seriously loved it. And his goodbye scenes with everyone were really well-done, too. The character relationships are my favorite part of this show.

And not just the good guys! Of course I adore the Fringe team, but everyone is interesting. The side characters are complex - Broyles is great, and Nina? Nina was AMAZING. AMAZING. And Windmark pretty much stole the season.

But in spite of that, and in spite of Walter being my favorite... oh, Olivia, I love you so much. So much. I'm glad that the finale gave her the chance to be incredibly badass again. =D Badass and reasonable, which is my favorite combination.

Also: THEY BROUGHT THE WHITE TULIP BACK. Guys, you have no idea how happy that makes me. That was one of my favorite episodes, and it was such a clear representation of Walter's character arc and of the show's themes in general. And it was used so well, too. So well.

One last thing: I'm glad we didn't spend time with "what happened next" scenes. We didn't need that. We saw the invasion didn't happen, we saw Peter get the tulip - and that's how it should be.

Awesome ending. Awesome show, really. ♥

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