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Laurus Nobilis ([personal profile] laurus_nobilis) wrote2012-08-02 04:54 pm

TFA up to Five Servos of Doom

→ I remembered Three's A Crowd as quite boring and... yeeeeeeah it didn't improve on rewatch. I do love Sumdac and his complete lack of angst, but that's pretty much the only thing I like about the episode. Mostly it just gets me into "BUT WHY ARE THEY STILL USING FOSSIL FUEL IN THE 22ND CENTURY" mode.

→ The fact that Wasp still can speak with normal grammar when he makes the effort somehow makes him even creepier, sob. o.O I mean, sure, that whole episode only works because of Horror Movie Parody Logic but it's fun so I'm willing to let it slide.

→ I love the jet twins lots and lots. And, heh, they make the high command look baaad. It's creepy enough they've got kids fighting - but reading the tie-in comics about their origin story? Oh Ultra Magnus you asshole. :|

→ I didn't remember Shockwave stole the Magnus Hammer this early in the season! I was sure we didn't find out about that until much later.


→ Sentinel, you stupid jerk, at least you could try and come up with a believable cover story. You know. Just saying.

→ GEORGE TAKEEEEEEEEEEI /insert undignified fangir squee

→ ... seriously though. Such a great Wise Old Mentor. ;3; I love Yoketron, I love that he's all about patience and giving people second chances, I love that he's so... not-judgy.

Because, yeah, young!Prowl was kind of a jerk. >.> He didn't refuse to fight because he was a pacifist or because he thought there was another way to fix things. He was just that selfish. But Yoketron gave him a chance and character development and LOOK AT THE AWESOMENESS WE GOT.

And look, there's the mods theme again! This show actually knew what it was doing! Yay!

→ You know, the first time I watched TFA, it took me until this episode to realize that Prowl is supposed to be older than Optimus. Act your age, dude |D (And Jazz is probably at least a bit older, since he did manage to complete his training.)


→ It's really, really, really stupid of you to make Prowl angry, Sentinel. REALLY STUPID. It takes quite a lot of effort to make him truly angry too, not just "Bee stop being annoying" angry. So. Yeah. Great job there. >.>

→ I'm weak for quests. I freely admit it. |D "You'll level up through CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT" is one of my favorite tropes everrr. ILU PROWL. ♥

→ I still think that Lockdown stealing the protoforms is one of the creepiest moments of the show, up there with Project Omega. Which... doesn't really take from its kids' show nature, in fact. It's something I noticed when I watched it with my (then 8 and 11-year-old) cousins. The stuff that's truly dark and creepy to adults goes waaaay over their heads.

→ Aaaand this was when I realized that Prowl was SO DEAD. Sucks to be genre savvy sometimes. |D But, yes... you don't get the "dying isn't bad, you'll understand" speech unless you're in for Heroic Death. Soooooob.

Of course this whole thing turned Prowl into even more of a favorite character for me. Such is life.

(Incidentally, this scene and speech still remind me of how bitter I am with Heroes, ahahaha. OH NAKAMURA FAMILY WHY COULDN'T YOU BE CHARACTERS IN A BETTER SHOW.)

[personal profile] drachenaugen once told me that Lockdown's line about how everything he did after betraying Yoketron was easier in comparison is one of the best lines of the show. I most definitely agree! He's such a creepy, layered villain.

→ I love how everyone enjoys beating up Sentinel so much. XD

→ I don't care how cheesy it is, I LOVE THE FINAL FIGHT AND PROWL BEING ALL BADASS IT'S AMAZING. You got your character development at last. ;3; And then there's that last scene with trees and birds and adlkfjalfjalkfj I love this guy so much ♥♥♥

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