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TFA up to the end of season 2

→ I know I've already talked about this in my last post but... I love Bulkhead. I really really do. ♥ It makes me ridiculously happy that he's an engineer AND an artist AND he's good at both!

Also, Autoboot Camp reinforces what I said about how he's loyal but doesn't approve of his friends being idiots, but it also shows something else I love about him: he's such a positive, happy guy. And not because he doesn't dream big! He's the best space bridge engineer in all of Cybertron, guys. He just doesn't feel the need to keep rambling about that.

→ I had forgotten that Wasp and Blackarachnia's experiments were set up so close to each other. Well played, show, well played. And oh, Optimus... you know she's playing you, you keep saying so, and yet there you go head-on into trouble. Smaaaart. |D

→ BLURR ;_;

→ It's a tiny detail, but in retrospect, Mixmaster is usually the bad influence and Scrapper just kind of goes along with it. Which makes sense, because later it's Scrapper who ends up helping the good guys.

→ The scene with the introduction of the clones will never get old. Ever. XDDD Remember, kids: Starscream has NO GOOD TRAITS! At all! Even his own clones can't stand him.

And I love how of course they all backstab him at the first chance they get. Because, well, they're Starscream. Yeeeah he didn't think that one through, did he.

→ MY LOVE FOR OMEGA SUPREME IS UNDYING AND ETERNAL but I'll save that for next post when I talk about Transwarped. ♥
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