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Happy birthday, [ profile] dragondancer515! Hope you have a wonderful day. X3
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~*~ Feliz cumpleaños, Sole ~*~

... no me había dado cuenta de que ya estábamos sobre la fecha así que te debo fic. :P
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Happy birthday, [ profile] livii!

Hope you have a wonderful day ♥
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The other day I got an adorable dinosaur plushie from [ profile] lady_kikyou! ♥ His name is Baby Green (... long, in-jokey story) and today I finally stopped being lazy and took a photo of it.

look at the CUTE )

And since I'm here, a meme!

Name a character from one of the fandoms you think I should know, have written, etc. I will produce no fewer than something close to 100 words on why I love that character. If I don't know the character that well, I'll ask you for another one.

You can ask for more than one if you want! You know my fandoms. Disclaimer: I will do my best to reach those 100 words, but there are some characters that simply put me in "dlkfjaklfjadsklf ♥" mode. Just saying. :P
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I got pretty snowflakes! *______*

Thank you, [ profile] telrunya and [ profile] lady_kikyou ♥♥♥

ETA: And [ profile] beckerbell! =D
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¡Feliz cumpleaños, Ilye!

Ojalá que pases un gran día ♥
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¡Feliz cumpleaños, Vi!

Y mucha suerte con todo =D



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