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Laurus Nobilis ([personal profile] laurus_nobilis) wrote2012-07-30 06:51 pm


→ HOLY TONE SHIFTS BATMAN. Even knowing that it's coming... woooow. It's two seasons of fun and games (with some serious/dark themes in the background, yes, but still) and then suddenly Blurr dies horribly! Sari accidentally stabs Bumblebee and nearly kills him! The Autobots made sentient weapons of mass destruction! Why yes we did just imply that we might have to make Sari and Omega Supreme kill each other!

Man, I love Transformers. |D

→ Getting the more or less negative out of the way: this show really needed that fourth season. :| We never did find out how Sari's protoform got into the lab. (On a more positive note: watch Prowl instantly jump at the description!)

Also I really wanted to see Strika and Lugnut interact. OTP, guys, OTP.

→ I could watch Megatron and Starscream snark at each other aaaall day. XD And, as usual, I can't help but imagine just how scary they'd be if they actually bothered to work together. The universe is lucky that they hate each other so much.

I also think that TFA!Starscream is the more effective incarnation (of the cartoon 'verses, at least), even with all the silliness and random speeches and all of that. He's all "sure guys just keep fighting I'll be right here taking over while you don't look".

→ Omega Supreme breaks my heart every time. ;_; And every time he reminds me more of The Iron Giant. He just wants to be a good guy, dammit, and the universe keeps throwing him into "destroy stuff and/or sacrifice yourself" situations. I love him and his dynamic with Ratchet. At least he does get a happy ending eventually. Poor guuuuy.

But, yeah... if we thought the Autobot high command sucked before? JUST LOOK AT THIS. The show isn't subtle about what they're doing, either. Ratchet spells it out - they don't want him to think about what he's doing. Uuuuugh. And, you know, I've always wondered what did Arcee think of the whole thing. She's presented to us as a nice person, and she is one from what we see of her, but... she was still involved in Project Omega. And she was supposed to be the mentor bot, so it's not like she was carrying some codes and didn't know what they were for. Then again, Ratchet himself ended up involved and sincerely cared about Omega. Who knows how she would have handled it?

I also wonder if she and Ratchet ever talked about it after the war ended, heh. Whyyyy wasn't there a fourth season?

→ But my very favorite thing about Transwarped is the whole FAMILY!!1! theme. I love love love big happy families, bonus points for chosen families, even more bonus points for "of course you're my kid who cares if we're not the same species!"

I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. And I'm pretty incoherent about my favorite thing about it, booo. XD

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