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A Fistful of Energon gets his own post

Because I can. I forgot to write this post yesterday, but this time I actually took notes while I watched because THIS EPISODE YOU GUYS.

→ So you might have noticed that I REALLY REALLY REALLY love Prowl. And... this episode. OMG, this episode. The more I rewatch it the better it gets, especially now that we know both his backstory and how much he'll still grow.

Also, it's a perfect set-up for Five Servos of Doom. Everything's here already: Prowl's own issues, his rivalry with Lockdown, foreshadowing for Sentinel hiring him ("Megatron pays way better than the Elite Guard"), and the stolen protoforms show up for the first time.


→ I also love Prowl's dynamics with the Dinobots and I will never, ever get tired of that. But that scene at the beginning goes to prove that he really is a Friend To All Living Things, from tiny birds in their nest to, well, Grimlock.

→ "What else do we need?" "I don't know, how about a little common sense?"

Bulkhead, I LOVE YOU. He's such an amazing, amazing friend. He's caring and loyal and he's always there to get his friends out of the trouble they get into, but you know what? He never enables them. He never goes into "well you're my friend so I have to follow you even if you're being incredibly stupid" mode. Quite the contrary! He tells them so, he tries to stop them if he can, and it's just his bad luck that Prowl is sneakier than Bumblebee.


→ A not-so-small bit of discontinuity in an otherwise really good episode: why on Earth didn't Prowl recognize the helmet the first time around? :|

→ But seriously guys THIS EPISODE and Prowl's character arc, how awesome is it? *_* I know that, when this episode first came out, lots of people were weirded out about the (supposed) moral of the week and how Prowl "randomly" "changed" because of the mods. But once you look at it after having watched Five Servos of Doom... well, it makes sense, doesn't it?

That's a part of him that had always been there. He was just managing to keep it under control, so far. No wonder he gets so angry when Ratchet tells him he can't handle it - it's something he's worked really, really hard on.

... and I think he also gets angry because, yeah, he knows Ratchet is right. He still needs a lot of character development to get to wear the armour, heh. Besides, Prowl seems... really aware that Lockdown is his Dark Mirror. By the end (hell, by the middle) of the episode he does see how he could turn into someone like that himself if he gave in to that side of himself.

AND THAT'S WHY I LOVE PROWL SO MUCH DAMMIT. Well. One of the reasons. =P The thing is... yes, it's true that I love Sparkly Good Guys and the Optimus Primes of the world with all my heart, that I adore characters who are naturally good people with hardly needing to try. But they're not the only kind of characters I like, heh.

And oh, Prowl. You try so hard. ;3; He could become Lockdown! But he makes such a huge, conscious effort to be the best he can be. And he ultimately succeeds, too. ALL THE LOVE FOREVERRRRR OMG.

→ On a not actually sillier note: I love that what makes him snap out of it is a tiny nest. He doesn't hurt a friend. He doesn't scare off innocent bystanders and ruin the Autobots' reputation again.

Nope, he breaks some eggs. And that's enough.


→ Hey, remember how in my last post I said we hadn't seen the worst from the 'Cons yet? Let's take a moment to take in the fact that Starscream made two clearly sentient clones with the only purpose of blowing them up. Niiiiice.

(Still, I love how he feels the need to add a speech there and ruin the element of surprise. "HI MEGS I'M GOING TO BLOW YOU UP NOW. JUST STAY STILL WHILE I TELL YOU THAT." Oh Starscream never change.)

→ Lockdown is seriously the creepiest ever. EVER.

→ ... ahahaha can you imagine how tl;dr I'll get when I actually post about Five Servos of Doom? I'M SORRY IN ADVANCE GUYS I LOVE YOU |D

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