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More of TFA

Up to Sound and Fury!

Whenever I rec this show, I always say that it really picks up in the second half of season one, and on rewatch... yeah, I still think so. But the first few episodes aren't quite as weak as I remembered either. Sure, they're very episodic and moral-of-the-week, but they do have some great character moments. And pretty much everything comes back. Even the random villains.

There's already a lot of set-up for the actual overarching plot, too. Lockdown already shows up in episode seven, and that sets up the whole Project Omega subplot and Prowl's main conflict. A couple of episodes later we get Optimus's backstory (and more "Sari is techno-organic" foreshadowing!). I love this show.

Now, for the random stuff!

→ By episode four I knew Prowl would be my favourite character. He didn't disappoint. ♥ I've said it before, but this is the only continuity where I like someone more than Optimus (and not for lack of Optimus love!), which goes to show how much I love the stupid ninjabot.

→ Lockdown is SO CREEPY, guys. I'm sure he's a lot creepier to grown ups than to kids, but... duuuude. That whole episode, and Ratchet's PTSD, and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

→ Bumblebee relearning the same moral over and over does get tiring, I'll admit that. Bulkhead being the reasonable, though, never gets old. He's the sensible older brother to him and Sari and that's adorable.

→ Also never gets old: MEGATRON PIÑATA /points at icon

→ Speaking of Megatrons... best one-liners ever, Megs. Aaaah I missed those.

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