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Laurus Nobilis ([personal profile] laurus_nobilis) wrote2010-04-26 10:06 am

AU ficlets + more Dresden Files

I'm finally done with that AU meme! Awesome prompts, people, seriously. Here's what I've written:

Clow and Yuuko in the Jigoku Shoujo 'verse
The Doctor in Pokemon Land
TFA!Bumblebee and Blurr in the Speed Racer movieverse
Cousin Nekozawa visits the Addams
Nodame meets Aang
The BBC!Merlin cast at Hogwarts
An alternate (as in, not Shattered Glass) Transformers mirrorverse
The Ark of Yamato meets the TARDIS
Chihiro ends up in the City of Old Emperors
The movieverse!Autobots meet the MIB instead of Sector Seven
The one where Skyfire didn't crash and Starscream joined the Autobots

Also, I've advanced a bit with Grave Peril.

I'm up to the part where he saves Mickey Malone (ouch, by the way DX) and is trying to make Bob tell him what they're going against this time. But Bob hasn't agreed yet so don't tell me. :P

Sooo you can probably guess that the whole point of this post is TRUE SIGHT!MURPHY OMG HOW EPIC CAN YOU GET. *___________*

Oh, and to give this a bit more substance, that reminds me: I love the description in these books. It's so, so easy to picture everything. (Then again that gives you stuff like Mickey Malone DDDX) And even if they're written in first person it doesn't jar, because Harry's a wizard and a detective so he's supposed to notice all these things. Makes sense. =D

... also I kind of love Michael a lot. Just had to get that out there. ♥ And like I was telling [ profile] fujurpreux the other day, I'm still surprised (in a good way!) that there's a character like that in the Dresden-verse and shown in a positive light, too. Harry himself is very much a Good Guy, yes, but I thought the 'verse itself was waaay on the other side of the Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism (no TV Tropes link because I'm nice :P).

Anyway. Loving this so far. =D

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