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AU ficlets + more Dresden Files

I'm finally done with that AU meme! Awesome prompts, people, seriously. Here's what I've written:

Clow and Yuuko in the Jigoku Shoujo 'verse
The Doctor in Pokemon Land
TFA!Bumblebee and Blurr in the Speed Racer movieverse
Cousin Nekozawa visits the Addams
Nodame meets Aang
The BBC!Merlin cast at Hogwarts
An alternate (as in, not Shattered Glass) Transformers mirrorverse
The Ark of Yamato meets the TARDIS
Chihiro ends up in the City of Old Emperors
The movieverse!Autobots meet the MIB instead of Sector Seven
The one where Skyfire didn't crash and Starscream joined the Autobots

Also, I've advanced a bit with Grave Peril.

I'm up to the part where he saves Mickey Malone (ouch, by the way DX) and is trying to make Bob tell him what they're going against this time. But Bob hasn't agreed yet so don't tell me. :P

Sooo you can probably guess that the whole point of this post is TRUE SIGHT!MURPHY OMG HOW EPIC CAN YOU GET. *___________*

Oh, and to give this a bit more substance, that reminds me: I love the description in these books. It's so, so easy to picture everything. (Then again that gives you stuff like Mickey Malone DDDX) And even if they're written in first person it doesn't jar, because Harry's a wizard and a detective so he's supposed to notice all these things. Makes sense. =D

... also I kind of love Michael a lot. Just had to get that out there. ♥ And like I was telling [ profile] fujurpreux the other day, I'm still surprised (in a good way!) that there's a character like that in the Dresden-verse and shown in a positive light, too. Harry himself is very much a Good Guy, yes, but I thought the 'verse itself was waaay on the other side of the Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism (no TV Tropes link because I'm nice :P).

Anyway. Loving this so far. =D

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WHAT SO WE CAN'T ASK ANYMORE? Baww. ;_; /greedy

Also! I'm about to make a Yuuko post for the magic lessons thing. Or I'm tring to, but I don't know where to start. Halp?

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It took me a whole week to do that |DDD And I need to focus on my Neverending List now.

Awesome! Aaaand I have no idea of where to start. |D With Clow it's usually "HEY LET'S MIX STUFF UP AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS" but Yuuko is more... subtle than that.

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/makes pouty faces forever ;_;

... Yuuko is only subtle when she wants to, lmao. XD Gdit, if only Midian actually had a moon so she could go "oh, tonight is a good time to make this and that spell" or something. DDDDDX

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Hmmm, maybe you could handwave that whatever's going on out there affects Midian, even if in a subtler way? And they could try to figure out how much it affects spells, or something.

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/poooooouuuuuts ;_;

... actually, that's what I thought of doing a minute after I posted that comment, fffff. THERE'S EVEN A FULL MOON COMING IN TWO DAYS. /checked a calendar, yes

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/looks awaaaaay~

Well, great minds and all that XD
dreamgranter: (you're so mean to me! [POUT])

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/uses appropriate account with appropriate icon

/listens to emo song for inspiration(?)

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/is not Clow so it doesn't work lalala :P


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/is not Yuuko either but pouts like her ;_;


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Mickey Malone. Y-yeah. ;_;

Trufax. Absolutely \o/

Michael is so much love \o\

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Poor guy. I just wanted to hug him ;____;

That was like. SO INCREDIBLY EPIC. If my internet hadn't been dead at the time I would've ran to post about it. =DDD

Why am I so predictable XD

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Es menos que seas predecible y más que Michael es así de genial |DD

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Eso me lo creo =DDD

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Tanto que leeeeeeeeeeeeer, tanto shinyyyyyyyyy ♥♥

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Mickey Malone DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDx S-Sob. Mucho, si no es que todo, Grave Peril es así de 'D:' TIENE MUCHO SHINY pero ouch ouch ouch.

TRUE SIGHT!MURPHY ES LO MÁS GLORIOSO QUE EXISTE EN ESTE MUNDO *______* Imagíname cómo estaba *_______* Yyy buscaba esto ( *______*

WORD a lo de las descripciones! Es algo que siempre he dicho porque yo soy pésima con ellas pero en TDF está todo tan claro, incluso las cosas mágicas que deberían ser místicas y stuff. Todo es tan comprensible y visualizable, me encanta ♥♥

Michael es amor ♥♥♥ Y sí, es lindo que haya toda clase de niveles de bondad y maldad por doquier.

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Mucho, si no es que todo, Grave Peril es así de 'D:' TIENE MUCHO SHINY pero ouch ouch ouch.
Ya me estoy dando cuenta |DDDD Pero SOY DÉBIL A LAS HISTORIAS DE FANTASMAS por más ouch que sean.


Y encima son descripciones in character con la voz de Harry. :o /admira por siempre

Los Buenos Buenazos me hacen tan feliz. TAN FELIIIIIIIIZ ♥

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TÚ NAMÁS SIGUE *te brinca alrededor*

LO SÉEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *________________*

Verdad? Uncle Jimmy tan awesome \o\ Y malvado. Pero awesome |D;

Michael es uno en un millón definitivamente ♥♥♥

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Ya prontito =DDD

Y ahora me tengo que contener para no buscar fanart yo. /se obliga a esquivar spoilers

... necesito un icon de Drosselmeyer. XD

Y AHORA QUIERO CROSSOVEREARLO CON TODOS MIS OTROS BUENOS BUENAZOS AAAAH. *rueeeeda* Yo sé que en algún lugar del multiverso se juntan a tomar el té o algo.

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NO, NO VAYAS! *te tapa los ojitos* Hay spoilers repartidos por doquier y sin intención de ser spoilers incluso. Yo me spoilée un par de cosas que luego no entendí bien sino hasta que leí el libro respectivo, but still |'D

Esos dos son bffs '-' BTW uncle Jimmy era fan de Avatar XD /tenía que decirlo

Lo peor/mejor es que TDF es uno de los 'verses más crossovereables de la historia :D Fu lo puede confirmar 8DD

XDDD Y awww, eso sería cute.

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NO VOY, NO VOY. Igual estoy demasiado ocupada para esas cosas. DX ALGÚN DÍA BUSCARÉ FANART.

... no me ayudes Sha. XDDD

Y que sea tan crossovereable me frustraaaaa porque soy consciente de que me faltan como mil libros y no me quiero poner a escribir sin conocer todo el canon disponible. Pero los plot bunnies aaaaaaaaah. DX

Si supiera dibujar, sigh.

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Yo te voy pasando el pretty ni bien vayas leyendo \o/ Igual no hay taaanto.

0=D???? <3

Awwww, bueno, yo andaba crossovereando sin haber leído todo desde... siempre |D; Además que algunos plot bunnies van mejor en el libro que vas leyendo y no luego que... */NO AYUDA

A alguien se le ocurrirá un día ;w;

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Oooh, genial =D

Es que me da cosa porque los libros ya salieron y no quiero contradecir algo que va a pasar después, justamente. :o


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... y ahora que releo mi comentario quiero fanart de G1!Optimus y Aang tomando el té. ILU CEREBRO. ILU.

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Estuve leyendo los ficlets y OMG tanto awesome *___*

Y yay, Dresden Files |D

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Gracias |D

Me están gustando un montón esos libros *___*

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*is evil*

One more thing to think about: Eriol reading the Harry Potter books, gets to the Horcrux stuff, and does a double-take.