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A long time ago...

... I opened a ficlet meme. Then work attacked me, but I didn't forget.

For [ profile] yaired: Iroh and a new teashop (this is pure guesswork, so there are no spoilers)

Dynasties, Iroh mused, were a funny thing. In theory, they were supposed to be a constant; in practice, they changed all the time. He should have been Fire Lord, and he wasn’t… but he considered that a change of the good kind. Zuko was still learning, but he was already a much better leader than his father had ever been. With time, he might even be a great one. And Iroh didn’t want to rule. He was much happier where he was.

People came out of curiosity, at first, to see if the stories were true. They were shocked when they found out they were: the tea shop owner was not an actor, or an impostor, or a trickster. General Iroh himself, Dragon of the West, prepared his famous secret blends.

When they returned, it was only for the tea itself. Iroh couldn’t ask for anything else.

* * *

For [ profile] ayasugi_san: Eriol and Kaho, meeting

He can’t even remember when he saw her for the first time. She’s always been in the back of his mind, a pale light finding its way through memories of things that have not yet passed.

She sees him for the first time as nothing but the reflection of a smile on the surface of the shrine’s pond. He reminds her of someone she can’t quite place; of another dream, perhaps.

The first time they truly meet, they feel as if they have known each other for years. They smile at each other at the same time – and then they laugh about it, and sit under a tree to have a long expected conversation.
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Iroh owning a teashop ♥ so happy for him.
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Oh, Iroh. :D

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OMFG TU ICON XD Me encanta cuando un crack!pairing se burla de si mismo :D
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Hey, ahora somos mucho menos crack. XDDD THE BOILING ROCK nos hizo CUASI canon. XP

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Me encanta como estableces de forma sencilla que Iroh puede seguir su pasión sin mayor drama que un cambio en la dinastía :D

When they returned, it was only for the tea itself. Iroh couldn’t ask for anything else.
Soy tan feliz con la posibilidad de que sea feliz X33333

¡Gracias! :DDD

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Sorry the reply is so late; been busy and distracted.

I like the drabble. It's very them, especially the Kaho half. It's sweet, and even though it's about destiny, it doesn't have that cloying THEIR EYES MET AND THE WORLD STOPPED AND THEY KNEW THEY'D BE TOGETHER FOREVER quality; the "destined" and "foreseen" parts are cause for amusement.