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Since I waited until the end of the book to make a post, I'll probably forget about tons of interesting things to say, so just remind me in the comments. :P On the plus side: this is going to be mostly coherent! Yay!

Cut for spoilers AND length )
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I'm in the middle of chapter 34 of Proven Guilty and I have A LOT to say, but that's going to have to wait until I make a proper, coherent post later. Probably when I finish the whole book.

Right now, I'm just here for a non-spoilery quote:

"You’re enjoying this. You just love to dance around questions and spring surprises when you know something the rest of us don’t."

"It’s like heroin for wizards."

alkfjlajfaljfladskfjkla I love these books
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1. Happy Holidays! It's not New Year yet so I'm on time. :P

2. I haven't watched the Doctor Who Christmas special or the season 6 trailer yet, and I don't know when I'll be able to. Please don't spoil!

3. I'm up to chapter 6 of Dead Beat and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED ALREADY OMG.

4. That fandom-year-in-review meme that's going around:

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... and I'm saying that mostly just to give you people an idea of where I'm up to. Because I would like to make a proper post, but SO MANY THINGS HAPPENNED OMG. I feel like Mark. SHIT JUST GOT REALER!

Also, apparently the reason why I haven't been able to see any Tinypic images in a month or so is that they aren't providing their service to Argentina anymore. :| Which... oooookay. I mean, I can sort of get not letting people from here upload pictures (apparently the reason was that they didn't sell enough premium memberships here? or something?), but... we can't see anything anyone uploads? What the hell, Tinypic?

I mean, yes, we can use proxies but still.
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Up to chapter 18 )

And a meme that's fun to repeat once in a while: Ask me for my fan-related Top Five anything. Like, any fan-type thing I'm familiar with. Favorite moments, fics, characters, whatever. And I'll probably answer incoherently! It'll be awesome!
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But first: Death Masks up to chapter 8.

Spoilers, of course )

Now, yes, meme.

Day 14: Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with

The question is, would she mind being roommates with *me*? )


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