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I am SO EXCITED about this, people, you have no idea. *_______*

I can't even say "it's just like when Fellowship was coming out!" because, back then? I was really excited but at the same time really scared. What if they ruined it???

But now, oh. I know these people. I trust these people.

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But first! I think everyone who's into the fandom knows this already, but just in case any of you missed it: Legend of Korra. It looks extremely shiny. *___*

And now, meme time!

Day 3: Character you'd date

Of all my fictional crushes, the winner is... )
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Finally, one of these that I think I can finish without getting stumped. XD I'm doing it multifandom. Less brain-breakage that way.

Day 1: Your favourite character

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The other day I got an adorable dinosaur plushie from [ profile] lady_kikyou! ♥ His name is Baby Green (... long, in-jokey story) and today I finally stopped being lazy and took a photo of it.

look at the CUTE )

And since I'm here, a meme!

Name a character from one of the fandoms you think I should know, have written, etc. I will produce no fewer than something close to 100 words on why I love that character. If I don't know the character that well, I'll ask you for another one.

You can ask for more than one if you want! You know my fandoms. Disclaimer: I will do my best to reach those 100 words, but there are some characters that simply put me in "dlkfjaklfjadsklf ♥" mode. Just saying. :P
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Using this icon instead of a more related Transformers one, because this is the face I make when I watch Beast Wars.

A bit of backstory first: yes, I grew up with this. Sort of. My history with Transformers continuities is a bit different than the one for people in the USA, because until the mid-90s or so, we got cartoons with a delay of years; I've watched cartoons from early and mid-80s until well into the 90s. That means that I watched G1 when I was about 8 or 9 (and probably still got reruns much later, because my younger brother remembers it well enough), and then I got Beast Wars more or less at the same time as people in the US did, when I was 12.

Now, it's true that G1 is the continuity that makes me go "my childhoooooood ♥". Because I was younger, I guess, or because it's what defined Transformers for me, or both. The face of Transformers will forever be G1!Optimus to me, no matter what. But I did really, really like Beast Wars, and I was still a kid, and thinking about it comes with a lot of affection and nostalgia filter.

So I was more than happy when I started rewatching it and realized that, yes, it's actually as good as I remembered. ♥

It gets long and rambling, and it probably reads as if I was talking about an old friend )

The short version: I STILL LOVE THIS SO MUCH. ♥ I won't call it my favourite continuity; I love G1, BW and TFA all, for different reasons (I wonder how weird this makes me in the fandom, heh). But it's true that I love love love Beast Wars.

Even if it's going to break my heart. Sigh.


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