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Because my sister tempted me with redemption arcs and Leonard Nimoy. I'm up to the first episode of season 2, so please no spoilers past that!

And there'll be spoilers up to that episode in this post, of course )
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Long story short, I loved it! =DDDD

(And if the fandom hates it, I don't want to know. Seriously.)

Spoilers! )
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I've actually started watching it a few weeks ago, but since I'm so slow when I watch stuff, I thought I'd wait until I finished the season to make a proper post. Short version, I LOVE IT. =D

Spoilers for the whole season plus a couple things I know by osmosis )
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Mr. Spock, Space Wizard

As it says right there in the article: An exploration of how the concept of the wizard translates into science fiction television and films with your friend Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

But apart from being really interesting, it manages to articulate a great part of why I've always loved Star Trek and that I can never express in any other way than "THEY'RE GOOD PEOPLE AND NERDS AND A GOOD EXAMPLE AND AND ALJFLAFJALDSJFLASKJ ♥" So, I quote:

Spock, the Space Wizard has many abilities, including the ability to inspire. As a character existing in a dramatization of the future, Spock presents an ideal for scientific exploration, tolerance, and tenacity. He is attractive to diverse groups from NASA engineers to people of mixed-ethnicity. Fans of the show aspire to imitate his role as a scientist and Space Wizard. If Gene Roddenberry's vision holds an appeal as a future that new generations can attempt to create, it is an attainable Utopia for dreamers. Star Trek is a show about humanity, and Spock is a part of humanity. He reflects mankind's great potential, and endeavoring to be like Spock or any other Star Trek character is the search through science to be the best human possible. A fantasy wizard hordes knowledge from the past. A science-fiction Space Wizard inspires knowledge yet to be found in the future.

I love you, Star Trek. ♥
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Since I waited until the end of the book to make a post, I'll probably forget about tons of interesting things to say, so just remind me in the comments. :P On the plus side: this is going to be mostly coherent! Yay!

Cut for spoilers AND length )
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So I just read The Last Olympian pretty much in one sitting. And by that I mean "I had to stop for dinner".

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not very coherent spoilers )

... and, wow, I got all Hermione about this. XD NEVERMIND I'M A HAPPY AND PLEASANTLY SURPRISED FAN RIGHT NOW.
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No, not in the same fandom. :P Although there was a Star Trek episode like that.

→ I finished The Lightning Thief! And I really enjoyed it.

Spoilers go here )

→ In a completely different subject, I've been musing about Doctor Who, specifically the last of Ten's era (this is thanks to Mark Watches, of course). Today's post about Waters of Mars and the comments where most people say how much they loved it reminded me of how much I didn't. :|

In retrospect, I don't think it was the episode's fault. Because it's not that it was badly written, not at all. It's just... the confirmation of everything I didn't like about where Ten's character arc was going.

Cut for the uninterested )

Good thing we're back to optimism, now. Eleven also has flaws - the same flaws, he's still the Doctor - but the way the story deals with them is so, so different, you know? It's a lot more similar to some Classic eras. I like my Doctor as a good influence. Very old and very kind >>>>> Oncoming Storm, any day.
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So, I'm reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Since it's lots of fun and very easy to read, I figured I'd finish it in a couple of days and make a proper post about it when I was done.

But I just had to squee a bit about this:

old leather steamer trunks plastered with stickers saying ITHAKA, CIRCE'S ISLE, and LAND OF THE AMAZONS


... yeah, it's always the silly little details with me.
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Today's [ profile] fannish5: Five best speeches in your fandoms: what made them great?

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