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It's the first time I'm trying to write a crochet pattern with English terms, so let's see how it goes. Photos are here!

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Look at my latest ridiculous crochet project!

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→ I keep forgetting to mention this but, for those of you who prefer Dreamwidth, there's a mirror of my fic journal over there.

→ I am loving the new Transformers: Prime episodes, but I want to wait until the whole season premiere airs before I make a proper post about it. =D

→ I'm slowly catching up with Generator Rex! I'm up to episode 2x08 now and, oh, do I love that show. ♥ I'll probably make a long post at the end of the season like I did with the first one, unless there is something that I absolutely need to ramble about.

→ I finally gave up and made an account on Ravelry. (Well, technically I remembered I've had a never-used account since about a year ago.) ... I am never getting my life back, right.
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Day 10 - The character that appears too much

I... don't know? A couple of weeks ago I would have agreed with [ profile] drachenaugen and say TFP!Arcee needs to share the spotlight, but they're already branching out again. So... no idea, really. The fact that I love pretty much everyone in every 'verse helps a lot.

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Also, in semi-related news:

What could I possibly try to make with these colors, I wonder~?
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I follow a few knitting Tumblrs. I follow a few crochet Tumblrs, too. And a few jokes in both kinds of them make me wonder... what is it with the English-speaking world and seeing those as two completely separate things?

And, you know, I think it's a language thing.

The way we use the terms here (I was about to generalize with "in Spanish", but it might be a regional thing; I don't know) it's more like subsets of the same craft, you know? The verb is the same. The difference roughly translates as "knitting with two needles" and "knitting with a crochet hook".

Which would be just a difference in language quirks that I barely paid attention to, if I didn't keep seeing so many jokes about how they are ~ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS~ and ~ONLY THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW THE TRUE KNITTING/CROCHETING WAYS~ can't see that.

And I'm like, uh, guys, I've been doing both since I was like eight, I'm pretty sure I know the ~TRUE WAYS~ and stuff, and both involve making knots in yarn with sticks. You know. Just saying.

I just. Don't get it. It's one of those "I never thought I'd have culture clash feelings about THIS" things. ;P

Seriously, haven't these people ever seen a knitted sweater with crochet endings? IS THAT A TERRIBLE ABOMINATION IN THEIR EYES?

WHY IS MY FAVOURITE HOBBY AT WAR WITH ITSELF. It's not even a "can't we all just get along" thing, I just - can't see it as different crafts at all. The wonders of language!

Look at the deep and meaningful questions in my life, guys. XD
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(Note for the non-Spanish speakers in my flist: There already are a lot of Minion patterns in English online, so I won't be translating this one. The idea was to have something in Spanish - I don't think I could get the English terminology right, anyway.)

Pueden culpar a [ profile] fujurpreux por esto. =D En realidad, le había dicho que iba a traducir un patrón, pero la terminología en inglés me terminó resultando tan indescifrable que al final preferí improvisarme uno yo.

Es la primera vez que pruebo de hacer algo así, y en las fotos se nota; están sacadas en distintos lugares y con distinta luz (y recién me di cuenta de ese detallito cuando ya tenía el muñeco a medio hacer). Pero creo que las explicaciones en sí se entienden. Eso sí, estoy asumiendo que ya saben lo básico: cadenita, medio punto y punto bajo. En todo caso seguro que de esas cosas seguro hay tutoriales en YouTube o algo.

En fin. A lo importante:

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I finished my crazy piano scarf! =D

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I found the pattern here, in case anyone's curious.


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