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So we were having dinner and watching the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie, which my mum had never seen before, and this happened:

Mum: This looks like an adaptation of something older.
Me: Yeah, the original is from the seventies.
Mum: It's very Doctor Who-ish, isn't it?
Me: ... yes, yes it is |D

It might not sound too epic, but since it was deduced on seven episodes of Moffat!Who and about ten minutes of movie, count me as Impressed XDDD
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It's the first time I'm trying to write a crochet pattern with English terms, so let's see how it goes. Photos are here!

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Look at my latest ridiculous crochet project!

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Day 10 - The character that appears too much

I... don't know? A couple of weeks ago I would have agreed with [ profile] drachenaugen and say TFP!Arcee needs to share the spotlight, but they're already branching out again. So... no idea, really. The fact that I love pretty much everyone in every 'verse helps a lot.

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Also, in semi-related news:

What could I possibly try to make with these colors, I wonder~?
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Soooo it's been a while since I had one of those silly dreams with random fictional characters. Apparently my brain decided to compensate for all that lost time last night. o.O

I don't remember details (which is a pity, because I'm pretty sure the dream had a plot and everything), but the gist of the issue? The G1 versions of Starscream, Soundwave and Shockwave tried to take over Sumdac Tower. Sari was around, but not the Autobots - but that's okay! Because Megamind and Roxanne saved the day!

... yeeeeah I don't even know. The only other thing I remember is that it involved SCIENCE!!1! and weird inventions on all sides, so at least they were IC, I guess. |D

Oh well. Crossovers aside, it's still less ridiculous than some canon G1 plots, anyway. :P (Hey guys, let's TAKE OVER NEW YORK and make some BATTLE TAXIS and rebuild Prime into a SEWER ALLIGATOR!)

So. Yeah. I don't know if my subconscious is trying to tell me "STOP WITH THE CROSSOVERS ALREADY" or "WRITE MOAR". >.>
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I was following links today, and I found a hilarious Dan Brown parody! Go read it!

I mean, just look at this:

"We have had a copy of this painting in the sitting room at University College for as long as I can remember," Gideon explained. "In fact, just before the lights went out and Dr. Greenslade died, he was staring intently at this very painting. I think it may have something to do with our mystery."

"Very curious," Lucy said. "What's the painting called?"

"Angel Showing A Historian And His Attractive Colleague Where To Uncover The Secrets They Strive To Find," Gideon said.

"What an odd name," Lucy mused. "I wonder what it means?"

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From The Nerdist: the Who cast singing a Christmas carol.

In a dorky, dorky way.

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... this people are just as silly as their characters. X3
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... with an icon from the cartoon, yes, but GRIMLOCK. :P

So, I spent the weekend reading Dreamwave's Generation One comics. And because I'm just that awesome, of course I had to go and like the continuity from the publisher that went bankrupt a lot more than the one that's actually ongoing. Sigh.

Cut for length and spoilers. And capslock and little hearts. )

... so I guess I'll go read what we've got of War Within, and then write tons of fic and/or cry forever because I'm late to the party and we aren't getting any more of this continuity. Siiiiiiiiiigh.
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... well. I guess I should make an obligatory World Cup mention. It was nice while it lasted. ON A HAPPIER NOTE:

Today is the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future!

I don't talk about it too much, true, because I'm not fannish about it, but those movies were a huge part of my childhood. I saw the third one in the cinema.

When it came out.


And so, to celebrate, have some POWER OF LOVE!

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But I'm on vacation so I'm allowed to. :P

Anyway! The idea for this post comes from seeing a lot of human!Transformers fanart. Some of them are really, really good and I love them with all of my heart. And others... well, obviously the fandom as a whole likes them, I guess. But I just can't imagine my bulky robots as ~*~sparkly bishies~*~ made of pretty. I honestly don't get the "everyone but Jazz is white" approach because... they're giant space robots, they could be anything. And why are they all so young all the time?

But, sadly, I can't draw to save my life. So the only way I can do this "how I would imagine them as humans" thing is with actors. =D

... the downside is that the whole "they wouldn't be that pretty" thing is hard to pull off, because most actors are good looking to a certain degree. Oh well. It was fun to do anyway. =D And I focused on G1, because TFA does have canon human designs, for the good guys at least.

Yes, this is the nerdiest, most pointless post in the history of ever. I don't care. I had a lot of fun! Especially because, like I said, they're giant space robots. The only "look" they have is "vaguely humanoid". You can really go wild. (So, yeah, the robot pictures are there just for show and not to point out any particular resemblance.)

tl;dr this would be my human!G1 cast:



... and the best part is that there are still about a million characters left! XD
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One of the AllSpark Almanac's writers posted a preview of the second book in his blog. (There are SPOILERS for season 3 in these links, BTW.)

The example of an episode guide? Part of Transwarped as told by Henry Masterson's Twitter-equivalent. XD

And the geekyness doesn't stop with the format! I mean, look at the sidebar. XDDD

... I need this book in my life and I haven't even bought the first one yet, sigh.
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I'm not a gamer. At all. That means I'm not interested in War for Cybertron in any way, shape or form. (Which is probably very good for my pocket.)

That said? This commercial is the best thing ever:

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... but seriously, Shockwave, what's up with stealing Prime's song? XD
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I forgot to link to this yesterday! Good thing [ profile] who_daily reminded me that it existed:

At long last, footage of the original ending to End of Time Part 2 has been revealed!

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One [ profile] springkink fic done in the nick of time, six to go!

Which reminds me. Yesterday, Ruby and I were rambling about Clow as usual, particularly about how many of the things he does/likes are traditionally considered feminine. From that, it turned to talking about "tomboy" vs. "girly" behaviour - in a very, very silly way, mind you.

And then this happened:

Lau: I mean look at me. Even as a kid, I was pretty mixed up
Lau: I loved Little Women
Lau: Also I'm 100% sure that Jo would've loved giant robots, dammit
Lau: ... this goes to LJ tomorrow XD

... in my defense, it was almost 1 am. On the other hand: DON'T TRY TO DENY IT. YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.
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I finally saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday! And I had a crazy amount of fun. I have to admit that I'm by no means an expert and much less a purist, but I do like the books, I was sort of expecting to see Sherlock Bond from the trailer... and nope, it was Holmes all right. Silly and over the top, yes, but in a very enjoyable way. Something else I have to admit: I never really did like Holmes as a character. I loved the stories, loved Watson, couldn't stand him. (Surprising, I know, because "I'm a genius with an ego the size of a small planet" is one of my favourite character types. Who knows what makes the difference there.) But yesterday, in the movie? I DIDN'T WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! Not even once! I actually liked him, huh. And since they didn't change his personality, I'll have to blame this entirely on RDJ's charisma, I guess.

Also, a meme! Leave a comment saying, "READ HARD" and I will give you five things I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal. The words I got from [ profile] telrunya:

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[ profile] doctorwhy is back! =D

For those of you who don't know about it: it's a comic that makes fun of Ten's over the top angst. And it's got some gems like these.

There was also that time when the Master took over. Fun times.

Seriously, go look. It's not even that long so you don't have to fear too bad of an archive binge.
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Discovery's new The World Is Just Awesome spot.



Now it just needs the Doctor!
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So. I just saw the previews for the Transformers Animated Allspark Almanac.

I guess I should be either 1)fangirling Optimus's profile and his expressions and his awesomeness, or 2)flailing about how horribly expensive this will be if it's ever even available here.

But all I can think of in reaction to this is:


... seriously. Just. I don't know how can an evil destructive killing machine be so adorable but he is. (And the way he talks about the Autobots kind of reminds me of Asterix, with the whole "it wouldn't be fair if we weren't outnumbered!" stuff. XDDD)


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