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I know, I know, it was a while ago already, but I was on vacation without internet access when I watched it and then I forgot I wanted to say something about. So, have a belated, short and anticlimactic post! =P

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Wow, I've been terrible at updating. I keep getting distracted! So, since trying to write a long post clearly isn't working, I'll give you short, non-spoilery comments about the stuff I've been reading and watching lately.

→ I finished Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogy. If you like fantasy at all, I can't recommend these books enough. The characters are amazing, the plot is amazing, the worldbuilding is amazing. There is magic, yes, but it's not one of those fantasy worlds focused on heroes and adventurers alone; it feels like a real world with real people in it. It's got royalty who actually cares about doing the right thing, and does so realistically instead of in a usual Magical Fantasy Royalty way. It's main country is sort of based on Moorish Europe, which means most of the main characters (royalty included!) aren't white. It's got amazing, amazing women all around. And there are plenty more wonderful things about these books but I can't really say what without spoiling them, heh.

→ On a much lighter note, I've also read Mark of Athena and enjoyed at just as much as the other PJO/HoO books. Maybe a bit more than the last, anyway, because this one had Leo and Annabeth and I loooove my nerds. And now to wait for the next one, oh joy.

→ It's been a while since I watched the Doctor Who finale, so I won't attempt to be coherent about it... and I think I didn't post about this season at all, heh. Long story short: I really liked both the season and the finale itself, haters gonna hate. I'm happy that we're changing companions because I love the Ponds, and now I can stop worrying about whether I'd like their send-off or not. Personally I thought it was very satisfying.

→ I'm still watching Fringe, of course! This season is quite different from the previous ones, but I'm enjoying it very much anyway. The cast is simply wonderful, and I can't wait to see where this is going. Except I can, because then it'll be over. =( But I prefer it when shows know when they'll end so they can have proper arcs and closure, to be honest.

→ Saving my Transformers Prime thoughts for after the finale! Maybe I'll even manage an actual post, who knows.

→ I started watching Rescue Bots because of LeVar Burton. Now I'm four episodes in and genuinely loving it. Yes, it's very much for little kids, but seriously people it's adorable.
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So we were having dinner and watching the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie, which my mum had never seen before, and this happened:

Mum: This looks like an adaptation of something older.
Me: Yeah, the original is from the seventies.
Mum: It's very Doctor Who-ish, isn't it?
Me: ... yes, yes it is |D

It might not sound too epic, but since it was deduced on seven episodes of Moffat!Who and about ten minutes of movie, count me as Impressed XDDD
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Long story short, I loved it! =DDDD

(And if the fandom hates it, I don't want to know. Seriously.)

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BTW, there's next week's episode and then a hiatus, right?
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First, a note: I stay away from the larger parts of fandom and stay in my happy f-list corner for a reason. So don't ruin my happy corner with the fandom being annoying, okay? I don't want to hear about how, oh, in the bigger Who comms people are already complaining about this and that. I REALLY, REALLY DON'T.


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No, not in the same fandom. :P Although there was a Star Trek episode like that.

→ I finished The Lightning Thief! And I really enjoyed it.

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→ In a completely different subject, I've been musing about Doctor Who, specifically the last of Ten's era (this is thanks to Mark Watches, of course). Today's post about Waters of Mars and the comments where most people say how much they loved it reminded me of how much I didn't. :|

In retrospect, I don't think it was the episode's fault. Because it's not that it was badly written, not at all. It's just... the confirmation of everything I didn't like about where Ten's character arc was going.

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Good thing we're back to optimism, now. Eleven also has flaws - the same flaws, he's still the Doctor - but the way the story deals with them is so, so different, you know? It's a lot more similar to some Classic eras. I like my Doctor as a good influence. Very old and very kind >>>>> Oncoming Storm, any day.
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1. Happy Holidays! It's not New Year yet so I'm on time. :P

2. I haven't watched the Doctor Who Christmas special or the season 6 trailer yet, and I don't know when I'll be able to. Please don't spoil!

3. I'm up to chapter 6 of Dead Beat and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED ALREADY OMG.

4. That fandom-year-in-review meme that's going around:

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