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... with an icon from the cartoon, yes, but GRIMLOCK. :P

So, I spent the weekend reading Dreamwave's Generation One comics. And because I'm just that awesome, of course I had to go and like the continuity from the publisher that went bankrupt a lot more than the one that's actually ongoing. Sigh.

Cut for length and spoilers. And capslock and little hearts. )

... so I guess I'll go read what we've got of War Within, and then write tons of fic and/or cry forever because I'm late to the party and we aren't getting any more of this continuity. Siiiiiiiiiigh.
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Day 11: Character you’d become best friends with

This was pretty difficult, in fact )

Unrelated ETA: I've mentioned before that I love Gunnerkrig Court. There are many, many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the setting itself, with the whole magic-and-science thing going on.

So far, because of the characters it's been focused on, "science" seemed to mean technology/robotics/etc. But it turns out there is also this.

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[ profile] doctorwhy is back! =D

For those of you who don't know about it: it's a comic that makes fun of Ten's over the top angst. And it's got some gems like these.

There was also that time when the Master took over. Fun times.

Seriously, go look. It's not even that long so you don't have to fear too bad of an archive binge.
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Gunnerkrigg Court just scored about a million points on the "stuff Laurus loves" category. ♥
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I usually don't comment about it, because the pace makes it hard, but this strip's definitely worth mentioning: cut for very vague spoilers )
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You know what? Xykon is one of my favourite villains ever.

Completely evil, completely hilarious, completely effective. The guy is scary - in a funny way, yes, but still. Goes to show that you can be one of those overly theatrical Big Bads and still make your plans work.

I bet the guy keeps the Evil Overlord list in his pockets the whole time.

In other news: I'm finally getting rid of the "friends only" post, since this LJ hasn't been locked in months anyway, heh. (Since I stopped caring about TRC, pretty much. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.)
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This is what I try to tell people every time some "scientific" news makes it to TV.

Every. Time.

Yay for getting a shiny graphic for that! XD
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I've always liked PHD Comics, but this particular strip is officially the best thing ever. ♥
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Just thought the world should know that [ profile] doctorwhy is made of awesome. Silly angsty Ten. ;P


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