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Day 16: Character you wouldn’t mind prancing naked for you

I bet you didn't see this one coming )
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But first! Today is the seventh anniversary of Tsubasa's first publication. Every time I read about it I thought I'd ignore it or say something snarky and bitter, but then I got thinking and... regardless of what I think now about the series itself, I did get to know a lot of great people because of the TRC/HOLiC fandom. So I just wanted to say that, at least. ♥

And now, memes~

✔ Today's [ profile] fannish5: Name five characters you'd like to take a road-trip with, and where you'd go..

multifandom sillyness ahead! )

✔ And finally, the last I'm doing of the icon meme. Picks by [ profile] rainmage and [ profile] sha_chan.

even more icons )
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Oh wise flist, I need your help! Do any of you have the English version of the CCS manga?

I'm writing fic in English and I need a couple of lines, but I own the manga in Spanish. I guess I could look for translations online, but if anyone has the official version, I'd rather use that.

Specifically, I need Kaho and Touya's conversation after defeating the Maze card in volume 4, and Kaho and Eriol's last dialogue in volume 12.

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I've been wanting to write a post about Clow in Tsubasa for a while, now. I know, it's been a relatively long time already; this isn't exactly a reaction. It's more like rambling about why I reacted that way. Because, well, I was surprised that some things bothered me as much as they did.

I like Wise Old Mentors who made huge mistakes in the past, after all. I like them a lot. It's one of my favourite character types. So why did finding out that Clow had made a huge mistake make me headdesk so much instead of appreciating it as rounding his character? Well, I think I've finally figured it out, now that I've taken the time to look at the whole thing with a cool head instead of ranting in frustration about it.

So here's my very, very belated rambling about it. As far as spoilers go: I'm going to talk about Tsubasa up to its ending, but I'm not touching xxxHOLiC Rou at all. (I've got my issues with that one too, but they have nothing to do with this particular rant.)

Cut for length and TRC spoilers )
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One [ profile] springkink fic done in the nick of time, six to go!

Which reminds me. Yesterday, Ruby and I were rambling about Clow as usual, particularly about how many of the things he does/likes are traditionally considered feminine. From that, it turned to talking about "tomboy" vs. "girly" behaviour - in a very, very silly way, mind you.

And then this happened:

Lau: I mean look at me. Even as a kid, I was pretty mixed up
Lau: I loved Little Women
Lau: Also I'm 100% sure that Jo would've loved giant robots, dammit
Lau: ... this goes to LJ tomorrow XD

... in my defense, it was almost 1 am. On the other hand: DON'T TRY TO DENY IT. YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.
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... so, a few days ago I was joking that I might write a post about how Starscream and Skyfire's story would have been like if they were CLAMP characters. But then I saw the actual latest CLAMP chapters and it immediately stopped being funny. Siiiiigh.

Hint: if an underdeveloped side character from an '80s cartoon made solely to sell toys has more common sense than all your Tragic Heroes put together, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

*runs away from actual CLAMP fans*
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¿Saben qué significa esto?

Que hace UN AÑO que le debo fic de HOLiC/Asterix/Who a Sole.

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Prompts que quiero escribir para la Ficathon de [ profile] piffle_fanfic. Dudo mucho que llegue a escribirlas todas (son diecinueve VEINTE VEINTITRÉS) pero mejor tenerlas a mano. Y en un lugar donde me puedan pokear. :O

la lista )
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I don't know if these Tsubasa spoilers are true or not, but if they are, that's even more stupid than anything I ever expected. A lot of people in that thread posted reasons why it wouldn't make any sense and I agree with all of them, but, well. It's CLAMP. I wouldn't put it past them to pull off something this stupid. Then again, if they can screw up their own canon, so can I! :D So if these spoilers turns out to be the real thing, my new philosophy for CLAMP fanfic will be "Let's pick the bits of canon I like and ignore the rest. IT'S WHAT THE PROS DO!"

... anyway. Yeah. Who.

spoilers )
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... I opened a ficlet meme. Then work attacked me, but I didn't forget.

For [ profile] yaired: Iroh and a new teashop (this is pure guesswork, so there are no spoilers)

Dynasties, Iroh mused, were a funny thing )

* * *

For [ profile] ayasugi_san: Eriol and Kaho, meeting

He can’t even remember when he saw her for the first time )
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Okay. HOLiC fandom?

The gaps between chapters bother me too. I wish they came out more often. And, yes, I like HOLiC more than Tsubasa and I'd like to see more of HOLiC.

But saying that CLAMP should put Tsubasa on hiatus is... well, missing the point is the subtler way to put it.

HOLiC is shorter than Tsubasa. HOLiC has all these gaps going on because Tsubasa needs to catch up with it. Tsubasa slowing down = HOLiC slowing down even more.

It's not that hard. Really.


Jan. 27th, 2008 08:55 pm
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I've made 19 manga Clow Cards icons, because they don't get enough love. They took ages (why yes, Illusion, I'm looking at you) but I think they turned out nice enough. Go look?
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Yes, I'm back in Buenos Aires, and I have a THEORY.

It doesn't explain all of Tsubasa. But I think it explains a few things. And it's complete crack, so if it turns out to be right I'll... I don't know. Laugh like a maniac, or something.

Here )
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You've probably noticed this thanks to my spamming everywhere, but just in case you didn't: I've posted a Clow/Yuuko fanmix.

It's not as depressing as one would think, even if it does have the infamous Who Wants To Live Forever in it. (And really, that song goes with everything in every fandom ever and it had to be there. Period.) But there are happy songs in it too! Most of the songs are in English, some in Spanish. Go check it out and have fun.

But no making fun of my obsession geekyness tastes OR ELSE.

... y sí, ya sé que Fue Amor es sobre la Cantilo, pero tiene frases como "de algún sueño vamos a salir" y mi cerebro hace ~~puff~~
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The full version of the cover for TRC volume 20 is gorgeous. It also has CCS!Clow's sun staff, as opposed to the moon staff he had on an older splash page. I... I think I'll turn off my brain and hope for the best.

Please don't be the same guy. Please.

* * *

Anyway. Drabbles.

1. For [ profile] helga_b: Luna and a car. Completely spoiler-free.

and Ginny, just because )

* * *

2. For [ profile] arcadia_: Merlin, Clow and Yuuko. There was also supposed to be a willow tree but it didn't make it there. D:

Disney!Merlin this time )
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More drabble meme! :D Only two left, now.

1. [ profile] helga_b asked for Aang as Bumi as kids:

it's a wonder that Omashu survived these two )

* * *

2. [ profile] peach_arrow asked for Watanuki and Yue. This went from "drabble" to "not-drabble" to "starting to look dangerously like the middle of a fic". What can I say, Watanuki rambles a lot.

enough to make up for Yue, actually )
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Two of these absolutely refused to be 100 words, and I couldn't crop them without ruining them. Oh well.

1. Drabble for [ profile] ayasugi_san: Touya, Yukito and Nakuru.

and football )

* * *

2. Not-drabble for [ profile] arcadia_: Merlin/Morgan, Yuuko, red.

stupid wizards... )

* * *

3. Not-drabble for [ profile] peach_arrow: Clow, Spinel and Ruby.

Spinel would tell you this is quite impossible )
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In order of inspiration. :D And unlike last time, these ones actually are 100 words!

1. [ profile] darkcountess wanted Lucius/someone who isn't Narcissa, but I can't break them up so I wrote about Lucius in his schooldays before he was with her. :P Hope it counts. No spoilers for DH:

Yeah, it's the other evil Black sister )

* * *

2. A Princess Tutu drabble for [ profile] helga_b. I probably shouldn't enjoy writing about this guy so much. ^_^U Anyway, Drosselmeyer and music:


* * *

3. The less insane of [ profile] arcadia_'s prompts, because the others need more thoughts... Watanuki, Rika and tanabata:

Now I notice I've never even mentioned her name )


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