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This week: Who are your five favourite female characters of colour?

I'm really, really bad at picking favourites, so I'll just leave it at "five awesome female characters of colour, in no particular order" instead. And even so it was hard to pick. I mean, I could mention more than five from A:tLA alone. :P But I tried to go for different fandoms.

Pics! )
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But now with actual, thought-out reasons! (That someone else wrote.)

Via [ profile] dmp: Ten Reasons Why Steampunks (And Everyone Else) Should Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender (A:TLA) is easily one of the best US-created animated shows in the last ten years, and not just because I consider it a great example of Asian-inspired steampunk (though it helps). In terms of steam-worthiness, A:TLA not only creates what Asian steampunk could look like, but it places its steampunk technology within a cultural and political setting that speaks about technological development’s relationship with empire-building and the ramifications of global warfare.

Pretty complex for a children’s show that aired on Nickelodeon. But its depth of storytelling, detailed world-building, and strong characterization attests to its wild popularity across all age groups.

There are spoilers for the whole show, but I firmly believe that Avatar is good enough that you can enjoy watching it even if you already know what will happen.

And even if you aren't interested in A:TLA itself, it's a very good read on culture, politics, feminism, and serious issues in kids' stories done right.
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I'm working on the drabbles/ficlets, but in the meantime, another meme from [ profile] the_great_elk:

Reply with "MAGICAL GATEWAY TO NARNIA" and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

FMA, Ouran, Disney, Avatar )
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Day 7: Character you have most in common with

I didn't even have to think about this one )
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Day 4: Character you’d like to go shopping with

Another easy one )
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But first! I think everyone who's into the fandom knows this already, but just in case any of you missed it: Legend of Korra. It looks extremely shiny. *___*

And now, meme time!

Day 3: Character you'd date

Of all my fictional crushes, the winner is... )
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So, remember all those times when I said there was no point in complaining about the possibility of the Avatar movies going wrong until we were actually sure of it?

Well, we're sure now.

... seriously, what the hell.

ETA: My "favourite" part of this are the people saying "well technically the Water Tribe people are Inuit, not Asian". Newsflash: STILL NOT WHITE.
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... I opened a ficlet meme. Then work attacked me, but I didn't forget.

For [ profile] yaired: Iroh and a new teashop (this is pure guesswork, so there are no spoilers)

Dynasties, Iroh mused, were a funny thing )

* * *

For [ profile] ayasugi_san: Eriol and Kaho, meeting

He can’t even remember when he saw her for the first time )
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More drabble meme! :D Only two left, now.

1. [ profile] helga_b asked for Aang as Bumi as kids:

it's a wonder that Omashu survived these two )

* * *

2. [ profile] peach_arrow asked for Watanuki and Yue. This went from "drabble" to "not-drabble" to "starting to look dangerously like the middle of a fic". What can I say, Watanuki rambles a lot.

enough to make up for Yue, actually )


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