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Day 30 - Post your collection

Pffft, what collection? XD The only Transformers stuff I own are the Mighty Muggs Optimus I posted the other day and the TFA DVDs. (Well. The ones that actually came out. YES HASBRO I'M STILL BITTER.)

But! My brother still keeps his Beast Wars toys! And he lets me keep Airazor in my room!

So I guess this counts:

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This show gets better and better! Spoilers, of course )

Day 29 - Favorite quote

... oh, come on, this is an unfair question. XD All the continuities are so quotable! I couldn't pick a single line. I could write a whole book just with TFA!Megatron's epic one-liners.

I can't choose. Seriously, I've been thinking about this since yesterday and there is no way I can single out one quote.

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Day 28 - Favorite intro

First, let me admit something I think I've only told [ profile] drachenaugen about: the G1 intros and music give me tons of second hand embarrassment. |D Which is kind of ridiculous because I'm watching G1 already but... yeeeeah. Same with TFA. The Beast Wars intro was AMAZINGLY COOL back in its day but now I look at it and I'm like "whoa, NINETIES" XD

So yeah. TF Prime wins. I'll probably look back at it in a few years and feel like I do now for BW, though XD But I still love TFP's music a lot.

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More meme

Sep. 1st, 2011 07:00 pm
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Day 27 - Frenzy and Rumble: who is red and who is blue?

I'm a cartoon girl, which means Frenzy is red and black and Rumble is kinda purplish.

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Day 26 - Favorite seeker

Sooo to make this fair I'm going to take this as "other than Starscream", and that's... G1!Skywarp. Yes, the cartoon version, no comics or anything. =D

HE'S THE HAPPIEST TROLL EVER. And kind of adorable for an evil giant robot. He's all "yeaaaah let's go shoot some stuff I LOVE MY JOB!". And he gets into fights with cassetticons and loses. Gotta love the guy.

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Day 25 - Favorite toy that you own

More like only toy that I own, but: Mighty Muggs Optimus!

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But first, happy birthday to [ profile] pellimusprime! =D Hope you have a great day.

As for the meme:

Day 24 - Favorite subgroup

... you know, I really want to cheat with this one.

I mean, I get that we're talking about actual canon subgroups. And the answer is easy: you've all probably noticed that I kind of really love the Dinobots. ♥

Buuut I still want to cheat and say that, you know what should be considered a subgroup? NEEEEEEEERDS. Because they're one of the things about Transformers I love the most. =D They're everywhere! In most continuities! And you have professional nerds like the scientists and engineers, but also people who just happen to be nerdy and curious even if it's not their job, like Hound or TFA!Prowl.

Seriously, guys, we've got LOTS OF NERDS ALL OVER THE PLACE and they have actual personalities and they get to be really cool and they're not all similar to each other. And this makes me ridiculously happy. ILU GIANT ROBOT NERDS ♥

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Day 23 - Favorite incarnation of Optimus Prime

I don't care how predictable or "boring" it is, G1!Optimus will always be my Optimus. Even if I love most of the others I've seen. (In case you're wondering, the exception is Bayverse, yup.)

But G1!Optimus is just... aaaah, I don't know. HELLO THERE CHILDHOOD HERO who was kind of a loser and I sort of noticed it back then already, heh. BUT HE'S ALL NICE AND EVERYONE'S DAD AND SUCH A GOOD GUY AND AND AND. ♥

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Day 22 - Favorite triple-changer

TFA!Blitzwing, no contest. He's just hilarious! =D And a great source of nightmare fuel when you stop to think about him for five minutes, heh. But that's part of the, uh, "charm".

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Also, Thundercats! =DDD

I love that show more and more with every episode. ♥ Yes, it's very much a kids show, but it's a good kids show. And it helps that it's full of stuff I love. So it's not just nostalgia factor, you know? (Even though every single time Lion-O does the Sword of Omens speeches I feel like a six year old.) It's got great characters and odd friendships and adventures and teamwork and a lovely fantasy world! I'm so so so glad we're getting this show.
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Day 21 - Favorite combiner team

I don't really have any strong feelings about combiner teams. I'll go for the G1 Combaticons, but it's not so much about their personalities and more because I kinda love their FMA-esque origin story. Those are five giant Barry the Chopper robots, guys. O____O

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Day 20 - Least favorite human character

I don't have the dubious pleasure of knowing the kids from Energon that the fandom almost universally hates, so I was going to say Daniel from post-movie G1. And then I realized I had forgotten about Bayverse.

Now, I don't mind most of the Bayverse humans. Honest. But... ugh, Leo. WHY DO YOU EXIST. WHY.

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Day 19 - Favorite human character

I actually like a lot of the human characters. Even some that fandom in general hates. But my absolute favorite?

Captain Fanzone. No contest.

The guy is just too awesome! He's funny, he's smart, he's reasonable. He's a grumpy, old-ish guy who can't figure out how to work his own phone, and still manages to kick ass when he teams up with giant robots. Every continuity needs a Reasonable Authority Figure like him. I kind of want him to meet Agent Fowler and go for a drink together.

Also, I would totally watch The Fanzone And Ratchet Show.

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Day 18 - Favorite comic book author

... yeah, what the subject says. I haven't read enough, I don't know who wrote what (even from what I've actually read), and I have no idea of how much of what I like/dislike has to do with specific writers and how much has to do with the editors.

So yeah, skipping this one.

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Day 17 - Favorite comic book artist

I haven't read nearly enough variety of TF comics to have a favorite. But I will say that Megatron: Origin's art is really pretty (*), and the wiki tells me that's Alex Milne.

(*) And by that I mean "really pretty while still looking like giant robots of doom". As it should be. :P

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Day 16 - Favorite voice actor

This is really hard! Transformers has always been full of talented actors doing a million voices each. I'm tempted to leave it at "I can't choose", but in the spirit of not cheating... yeah, I'm going to say Scott McNeil. They guy did, like, half of Beast Wars on his own.

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Day 15 - Worst character design

... oooooh boy, I can't choose between all the Transmetals from Beast War's second season. XD I'm pretty sure they must have been ~The Coolest Ever~ back in the nineties, but right now... yeeeeeah.

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Day 14 - Best character design

ROBOT DINOSAURS GUUUUYS. They make me feel like I'm eight years old. ♥ But not everything is nostalgia factor, so I'll admit that they're a lot prettier in TFA than in G1.

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Day 13 - Favorite pairing

I'm going to cheat and split this one in two. =D

Favorite canon pairing: Tigatron/Airazor! Oh, you hippies, I love you so ♥ I've shipped it since BW came out when I was 12 or so. They're great characters each on their own, and they're adorable together, and BW spoilers FU DON'T READ THIS )

Favorite non-canon pairing: Starscream/Skyfire, surpriiiiiise. Because I love odd friendships and they were ~EXPLORER NATURALISTS IN SPACE~ and that alone is enough to make me ship it forever. I much prefer Happy Backstory Times fic than fix-it fic, though, because one of the biggest reasons I like Sky so much is that he puts his conscience before personal issues, so... yeeeah.

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Day 12 - Favorite comic series

I'll admit it right now, I haven't read a lot of the comics. Dreamwave's series, the TFA tie-ins, Megatron: Origins, and All Hail Megatron. Oh, and that one Marvel comic where Starscream saves Christmas. But from the ones I've read... my favorite is Dreamwave's Generation One. Because of course I had to like the one that will never ever get finished. XD

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I'm still surprised at how much I liked the Sunstorm arc; I'm even more surprised because from everything I'd heard about it, no one ever mentioned that OH BY THE WAY BUMBLEBEE IS PRETTY AWESOME.

... and that pretty much sums up why I like Dreamwave a lot more than IDW, I guess. I can deal with darker and edgier - but I have to still be able to like the characters. Dreamwave is more complex than the cartoon and the good guys aren't squeaky clean and they have conflict among themselves, but they try to be good, you know? They stand up for what they think is right. (Insert love letter to DW!Grimlock here.) On the other hand, by the time I finished All Hail Megatron I was like... yeeeeah, I don't recognize any of you guys anymore.

(Which isn't a judgement on IDW's objective quality or anything. It's just not my cup of tea.)

Anyway. My point is, oh Dreamwave I love you why did you have to go. ;_;

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Day 10 - The character that appears too much

I... don't know? A couple of weeks ago I would have agreed with [ profile] drachenaugen and say TFP!Arcee needs to share the spotlight, but they're already branching out again. So... no idea, really. The fact that I love pretty much everyone in every 'verse helps a lot.

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Also, in semi-related news:

What could I possibly try to make with these colors, I wonder~?


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