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Laurus Nobilis ([personal profile] laurus_nobilis) wrote2013-01-16 11:43 am

A thought about the Doctor Who Christmas special

I know, I know, it was a while ago already, but I was on vacation without internet access when I watched it and then I forgot I wanted to say something about. So, have a belated, short and anticlimactic post! =P

I really liked that it was set at the end of the Doctor's grieving period. It wasn't ignored, we know he angsted about his friends, but I am so so SO glad that we, as an audience, can move on to happier times again. Seriously. I didn't want a Ten rehash, heh.

(And that's why I also liked that the narrative remembers the Doctor has other friends and that said friends think the Doctor is being kind of an idiot. YES. I APPROVE.)

Anyway, I liked it! It's a Christmas episode so yeah, nothing too memorable, but it was fun and it got the Doctor out of Angst Mode and into Curiosity Mode and I think I'll enjoy what comes next.