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Laurus Nobilis ([personal profile] laurus_nobilis) wrote2012-08-05 06:55 pm

TFA up to the very end!

Did I mention I love this show?

As usual, getting the negative out of the way first: it really, really needed a fourth season. They kept setting things up (like Jazz going to Earth) up to almost the last moment. And, with the series as it is, Sari's powers are never explained and seem to come from nowhere. That needed to be better explained, and it couldn't be done too fast.

That said.

I love this show.

→ So pretty much the whole theme of the third season is "Sentinel is a jerk". Uuuugh. The best/worst part is that every time it looks he might get better, he doesn't. I mean, you'd think that he's at his worst when he tries to kill Blackarachnia "for her own good", right? WELL. NOPE. No wonder even Jazz ends up leaving him. :|

He's a fascinating character, though. The kind that's really interesting to analyze even if you spend all of his time onscreen wishing you could kick him in the face. He goes from comic relief jerk to seriously dangerous and creepy. That parade at the end of Decepticon Air? The whole propaganda/curfew/etc thing? CREEEEPY.

→ Speaking of creepy! It was probably a set up for season four when it was still going to happen, yes, but... both Lockdown and Swindle get away without any trouble at all, heh. This one always strikes me on rewatch. They're really nasty and really dangerous - Swindle is all funny and charismatic but he's also an arms dealer, guys. The TFA 'verse is actually pretty dark in spite of its tone.

→ Both Megatron and Starscream are awesome during the finale, aren't they? I do believe that Megs knows him (and Lugnut) well enough that the whole thing with the clones imprinting was planned. And yet... this is also when he finally loses it, heh. Though it's worth pointing out that it takes TFA!Megatron three seasons and a villainous breakdown to get to G1!Megatron's mood on a good day.

And Starscream actually does get the last word. Sort of. And... posthumously. Yeeeeah. |D He was looking for it, though, there's only one way the whole "I'M IMMORTAL AND INVINCIBLE MWAHAHAHA" schtick ever goes.

→ But enough about the bad guys! Let's talk about Fanzone for a moment. How badass can you get? The guy goes to another planet full of giant robots and he doesn't just not freak out, he goes all Badass Efficient Cop on them. I love him.

→ You know, it might not show because of my overwhelming love for Prowl, but... I'm still a huge Optimus fangirl. ♥ And he's got such an awesome, awesome character arc in this 'verse. Granted, I love Big Damn Hero Optimus. But seeing him get there is pretty damn great, too.

Rewatching it in a relatively short time, it's even more noticeable how much he grows. I mean, sure, he keeps going along and helping Sentinel up to the very end, but his attitude changes. Optimus will always help people. He'll always do the right thing. But he's not a doormat anymore. He's found the right balance between treating his teammates as friends and getting them to do things. He worries a lot less about doing things by the book.


... yeah. I love the guy.

→ PROOOOOOOOOOOOOWL ;3; I was watching the series and thinking about ALL I HAD TO SAY!1!! and now I'm kind of incoherent. Soooob.

Perfect character arc. Perfect. I've said it since I saw the finale for the first time - I can't get angry that he died because unlike most death in Transformers cartoons, it makes sense. It was the logical conclusion to his character development.

(Come to think of it, TFA is really, really good about this, especially when compared to other 'verses. Every death that sticks in this show makes sense.)

Anyway... yeah. Love the stupid jedi treehugger ninjabot. Best thing about the show. ♥ And considering I love the show in general? That's saying a lot.

→ Aaaand to end this in a fandom-y note... WHERE IS MY RATCHET+ARCEE+OMEGA HAPPY FAMILY FIC, WORLD. I need it in my life.